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Switch-Pros SP-9100 Switch Panel Power System – Bezel Style

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Switch-Pros SP-9100 Bezel Style 8 Switch Panel Power System

  • 8 user-programmable switch panel
  • RGB Adjustable backlighting – via mobile app
  • Bluetooth or panel programming
  • 4 x 20amp & 4 x 35amp outputs
  • Programmable switches – on/off or momentary
  • Dimming for lighting outputs
  • External trigger to activate up to 2 outputs
  • Battery voltage display on the app screen
SKU: SP9100
Brands: Switch-Pros

AUD$945.00 (Excl. Tax AUD$859.09)

Estimated Stock Arrival: 30th June 2023


Sp9100 Panel Power System by Switch-Pros 8 Switch Panel Power System

Winner of SEMA Best New Product Award Interior Accessory 2015, 2018

SP9100 (8 Switches, 8 Circuits, 125A)


The SP9100-D has eight user-programmable switches that can be programmed to be: On/Off, Momentary, ignition or battery-powered, flash, strobe, low voltage disconnect, and memorise previous settings.

The unit is supplied with 100 labels that cover nearly all applications, the switches have an RGB LED backlight which is user adjustable through the app. The switch panel is water-resistant/splash-proof perfect for 4WD applications.

Programming of the unit can be done at the panel or via the smartphone app. The unit can also be controlled through the smartphone app. via Bluetooth. The switches are programmable; On/Off or momentary, ignition or constant source, flash and strobe functions, low voltage disconnect, and switch memory. You also get a battery voltage readout on the app.

The 125A power module is built with solid-state automotive components and uses no mechanical relays or fuses. It is fully sealed and waterproof which means it can be mounted in the cabin or in the engine compartment. The SP9100-D is also equipped with automatic shut down for over-current and low battery voltage. The module has 8 output leads which are 90cm in length. With the unit installed you don’t require any additional fuses or relays (unless you require over 20 or 35amps) which saves heaps of valuable space and cleans up your engine bay.

The set-up is plug and play and the installation only requires a few connections. Mounting brackets and all fixings are supplied. The unit has two external trigger inputs (high beam etc) which can each activate up to 4 outputs (they can be active high or low)

The unit is covered by a full 2-year manufacturers replacement warranty.


Switch Panel Specifications

  • 101.6mm L x 50.8mm W x 9.07mm H
  • Black anodised aluminium finish
  • RGB LED backlight – adjustable through the app
  • Orange LED switch indicators – adjustable brightness
  • 1.2m lead length


Power Module Specifications

  • 150mm L x 75mm W x 12mm H (excluding connector)
  • Black anodised aluminium finish
  • 8 configurable outputs
  • 4 outputs rated @ 20amps (12v @ 240 watts)
  • 4 output rated @ 35amps (12v @ 420 watts)
  • 125 amp maximum rating 125°C to -40°C
  • Sealed automotive connectors
  • Wire harness with 125A fused power cable, light and ignition input wires, and eight 90cm long output wires


Kit Includes

  • 100 User-selectable switch legends (not shown)
  • Eight user-programmable switches
  • Four 35A circuits and four 20A circuits
  • Waterproof, Solid State 125A Power Module
  • RGB Backlighting provides unlimited colour options, using Color Picker on App
  • Daisy Chain up to 3 Switch Panels to One Power Module to allow control of your 8 outputs from up to 3 locations on your vehicle
  • Switches can be programmed for:
      • On/Off or Momentary
      • Ignition or Battery Input
      • Flash or Strobe, with User-Selectable Strobe patterns and One Touch activation
      • Memory Function
      • Master Mode, with the ability to turn multiple outputs On AND Off with one-touch
      • Automatic Power-Up upon vehicle start-up
  • Two External trigger inputs can each activate up to four outputs (Active High or Active Low)
  • Lighting outputs can dim from 100% to 10%, with the ability to dim during Flash or Strobe patterns
  • Sleep Mode for minimal power consumption
  • colour-coded circuit wires
  • LED Input Status Indicators for easy troubleshooting
  • Time Delay Off function available for all circuits
  • Splash-proof switch panel with Polycarbonate overlay faceplate
  • Program and control the system from switch panel pad or smartphone
  • Bluetooth interface with FREE Apple or Android App
  • Battery Voltage Readout on App screen
  • No Fuses or Bulky Relay box
  • Built-In Bluetooth Module
  • Downloadable Instructions (requires login)


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