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Bendix Ultimate 4WD BIG Brake Upgrade Kit (Front)- Toyota LandCruiser VDJ70 (08/2016-On)

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  • Toyota LandCruiser VDJ70 Series (08/2016 – On) (Front Brakes)
Brands: Bendix




Bendix Ultimate 4WD BIG Brake Upgrade Kit (Front) to suit Toyota LandCruiser –  U4WD-BBUK245F (+2, +4)

The ADR- Bendix compliant BIG brake kit delivers a vastly improved braking performance, ideally suited for vehicles fitted with the many accessories commonly found on today’s 4WD’s from storage drawers, winches, bullbars, secondary batteries to roof racks and additional spare tyres.

Towing heavy caravans or outback trailers adds significant weight, putting greater demands on the standard factory brakes than what they are designed for.

This brake upgrade has been proven to dramatically reduce stopping distances compared to the factory OEM brakes and reduce brake fade after repeated hard braking.

The kit features Bendix’s 340mm rotors, 6-Piston monoblock calipers, and braided brake lines, all conveniently packaged into a 60 Litre Icebox that you can take on your next camping trip.


Big Brakes Results

Upgrading your vehicle’s braking system with the Bendix front BIG brake kit, specially designed and engineered for your vehicle, gives you the confidence of reliable and powerful stopping power on and off-road.

During testing, Bendix upgraded the front brakes of a standard PX Ford Ranger’s 4WD with the BIG brake kit and upgraded the rear drum brakes with Bendix’s rear drum to disc kit. The results were impressive, with the vehicle coming to a complete stop from a speed of 80 km/h in just 32.5 meters, representing a significant improvement over the factory OEM brakes of 9 meters or 1.5 car lengths.


Important Notes

  • Options – Standard, 2″ Lift & 4″ Lift
  • Requires minimum 17″ wheels 
  • Kits are ADR Certified and come with the ADR35/05 test report
  • For VIC, NSW, ACT, SA & TAS. An engineering inspection is required to ensure the kit has been installed and functioning correctly before a mod plate is issued.
  • For QLD & WA, Since Bendix has a pre-authorised LG1 certificate, all that is required is to inform the registration authority of the installation and complete the necessary LG1 forms.

Bendix ultimate 4WD big brake upgrade


Bendix 6-Piston Monoblock Calipers

  • Larger 6-pot aluminium forged calipers


Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads

  • Ceramic Material for low dust and low noise while providing high-temperature stability and excellent fade resistance.
  • Mechanical Retention System, backing plate technology, is used in commercial vehicle braking systems.
  • Designed for slotted rotors


Ultimate 4WD Brake Rotors

  • Diamond Tip Slots allow gases to escape.
  • High Carbon Metallurgy for improved durability and increased braking performance
  • Swiftfit protective zinc coating for rust protection
  • Improved thermal stability using Bendix’s pillar construction


Ultimate Brake Hoses

  • Braided lines with protective sleeves
  • Meets SAEJ1401 design standards
  • Designed specifically for your vehicle model


Kit Includes

  • 2 x Ultimate Front Brake Rotors (340mm)
  • 1 x Set of Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads
  • 2 x Bendix 6-Piston Monoblock Calipers
  • Bracket Mounting Kit
  • 1 x Front Set Ultimate Brake Hoses
  • 1 Litre Heavy Duty Brake Fluid
  • 1 x Can Bendix Cleanup
  • 1 x Tube Ceramasil Brake Parts Lubricant
  • 1 x 60L Icebox
  • Access to the ADR ADR35/05 test report
  • Part No. U4WD-BBUK245F (+2, +4)


Bendix Ultimate Big Brake Kit


Rear 4WD Big Brake Upgrade Kit (Optional)

  • Refer to our Bendix Ultimate 4WD Rear Big Brake Upgrade Kit using 4-Pot Calipers – U4WD-BBUK334R 


To Suit

Toyota Land Cruiser (08/2016 – On) [VDJ76R, VDJ78R]

  • 4.5 TD 24V 4×4 AWD Wagon


Toyota Land Cruiser (08/2016 – On) [VDJ79R]

  • 4.5 TD 24V 4×4  AWD Platform/Chassis



  • Front Brake upgrade kit only
  • Rear brake kit U4WD-BBUK334R 
  • Images are for illustration purposes only. Contents may vary


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