The Last Frontier – The Oombi (Oombulgarri) Track (Carson River Track)

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Adam Craze - Carson River Track


 Embark on a journey unlike any other with Just Over the Hills tag-along tour along the
Carson River/Oombi track. Traverse the ancient landscapes of the Kimberley
region, guided by the traditional owners of the Balanggarra mob, and venture
where few tread each year. Accessible solely through this exclusive tour led by
Ronny Morgan and family, it’s an experience reserved for the adventurous at


Preparing your 4WD

A well-equipped four-wheel drive is a must for this expedition, with vehicles
expected to be prepared for remote touring and self-sufficiency for up to 15
days. With no shops or fuel stations along the way, travellers must carry all
necessary provisions. Just Over the Hills Tours can offer guidance on vehicle
requirements, ensuring a trip-ready setup, including a suspension lift, quality
tyres, and ample fuel capacity.


Kimberley 4WD Tour

Explore the untouched wilderness of the Oombi track alongside traditional custodians,
immersing yourself in the Kimberley’s natural wonders. This isn’t your typical
Gibb River Road adventure; it’s a journey that promises a lifetime of memories.

 Venturing beyond the Kimberley’s tourist hotspots, expect to challenge your off-road
skills while receiving ample support from fellow travellers and guides. The
track’s conditions vary, particularly after the wet season, presenting
ever-changing obstacles that demand adaptability and teamwork.

Cultural Experience

Disconnect from technology and embrace the cultural experiences woven into the journey.
From traditional smoking ceremonies to captivating stories shared around the
campfire, immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the region. Anglers will
delight in the opportunity to fish in pristine river systems, chasing the
elusive barramundi for an authentic outback meal.


The Journey

The tour spans from Home Valley Station on the Gibb River Road to the junction of the
Carson River track and Kulumburu Road offer flexibility in direction.
Whether starting from the north or south, prepare for a rugged adventure that
begins with the exhilarating Durack River crossing.


King George Falls

Experience the sacred allure of King George Falls, a highlight of the tour made accessible through collaboration with the Balanggarra Mob. This sacred site leaves an indelible mark on all who visit, epitomising the transformative power of the Kimberley’s landscapes.

 Having spent extensive time in the Kimberley, including months on and around the Oombi track, the Morgan family shares their intimate connection with the land, enriching every moment of the journey.

 For those seeking the ultimate adventure, the Oombi track beckons as the last frontier, promising an experience that transcends ordinary travel.


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Adam Craze (Bush name – “Warrija” given to me by Uncle Col, Collin Morgan – Traditional Owner)

Vehicle – Toyota LandCruiser 79 series dual cab, Marks 4wd Portal Axles, JMACX chassis extension.


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