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LS V8 Rear Bowl Engine Sump & Pick-up (Modified)

LS V8 Rear Bowl Engine Sump & Pick-up (Modified)

Part Number: MFC20710

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Quick Overview

LS1/LS2/LS3 - Modified engine sump & pick-up

These sumps have been modified to stop the tie rod hitting the sump when the vehicle suspension has traveled to the full bump position.

Please Note: If you use a standard sump, you run the risk of the tie rod punching a hole in the sump.

To suit vehicles with coil springs and tie rod positioned rear of the front diff

  • Nissan Patrol
  • Toyota LandCruiser - 70, 80 & 100 Series (Coil Springs)
  • Toyota Hilux - Leaf Front Springs


Modified LS Engine Sump & Pickup

The original Commodore sump drops at the front and will not clear the front diff in a 4WD, the Chevy rear drop aluminium truck sump can be used, but must be modified to clear the steering track rod in most coil sprung vehicles.

Marks 4WD Adaptors now stock modified Chevy truck rear drop sumps and pickups.

This sump does not use an internal pressure relief valve. Instead the pressure relief valve is found in the oil filter. The oil filter we recommend to use with this sump is an AC Delco PF-48E.

Kit contains:

  • Modified Cast Aluminium Truck Sump
  • Modified Oil Pickup
  • Dipstick
  • Gasket
  • Bolts

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