Starter motor Commodore V6 manual (genuine Delco Remy)

Starter motor Commodore V6 manual

Flywheel & starter motor kit - LS V8 - 153T Flywheel

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LS V8 - 153T flywheel & starter motor kit

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The new flywheel with the 153-tooth ring gear must be used in some conversions where the original flywheel fitted with a 168 tooth ring gear will not fit inside the bell housing. With this kit the LS engine can be fitted to the vehicle without the need to reposition the transmission, or alter drive shaft lengths.


Starter Motor

The standard LS starter motor is designed to turn a flywheel with a 168 tooth ring gear. Marks 4WD Adaptors manufacture a new starter motor that is designed to turn a flywheel fitted with the 153 tooth ring gear.


The front differential in leaf spring Toyota Hilux vehicles has a torque rod located on the top of the differential on the right side of the vehicle. When the vehicle is used off road the torque rod bracket can contact the starter and possibly break it off the engine. For this reason the torque rod bracket must be removed from the diff housing and replaced with one that will clear the starter when the suspension is fully compressed. The bracket on the chassis end of the torque rod must also be moved forward so that the torque rod can remain standard length.

Kit contains:
  • New billet 153T flywheel & ring gear
  • Clutch dowels
  • Crankshaft bolts
  • Clutch pressure plate bolts
  • New 153T starter motor