Viscous Fan Assembly – LS Series V8 Engines (LandCruiser / Patrol)

AUD$745.00 (Excl. Tax AUD$677.27)

Brand new LS engine water pump and gaskets

New pulley, viscous fan clutch and fan for running an engine driven fan on an LS V8 engine.

This water pump kit is designed primarily for Toyota LandCruiser & Nissan Patrol LS V8 engine conversions.

SKU: MFK40530
Brands: Marks 4WD
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Fan Assembly – Engine Driven Fan to suit LS series V8 Engines (Long Version) – (LandCruiser / Patrol)

Marks 4wd Adaptors has upgraded our original engine-driven fan kit to this improved kit. The fan blades and clutch included in the new kit move more air helping keep your LS-powered vehicle cool in the most demanding terrain on the hottest days.

The biggest advantage to running an engine-driven fan over an electric fan is cooling efficiency. An engine-driven fan can move a greater volume of air which is essential when 4WDing at low speed and high engine load. An engine-driven fan is also more reliable with only the belt to fail. An electric fan can fail to operate for multiple reasons such as fuses, all wiring connections, physical failure of the fan, failure of the motor or failure of the thermostat.

We have also found that in 4WDing applications it is common for electric thermo fans to physically break when undertaking river crossings or muddy tracks. This can cause damage to the radiator and other components in the engine bay that could leave you stranded.

Kit Contains

  • LS1 water pump
  • Water pump pulley to suit LS1, LS2 and LS3 engines
  • Thermostat
  • Viscous clutch
  • Reverse rotation fan
  • Nuts, bolts and washers
  • Gaskets


  • The overall length of the kit is 337.1mm (Refer to the photos for dimensions)
  • The shorter fan assembly version is 299.6mm (37.5mm shorter)


  • For the Shorter Fan Assembly refer to MFK40535

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