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Bonnet Strut Kit – LandCruiser VDJ70 Series (01/2007 to 08/2016)

To Suit – Toyota LandCruiser

  • VDJ76
  • VDJ78
  • VDJ79
SKU: MFK41025xx
Brands: Marks 4WD
Marks 4WD




Bonnet Strut Kit to suit Toyota LandCruiser VDJ70 Series (01/2007 to 08/2016)

This bonnet strut kit is designed specifically for the VDJ70 series Toyota LandCruiser (pre-08/2016).

It makes opening and closing the heavy LandCruiser bonnet a breeze and allows unrestricted easy access to the engine bay.

Easy installation can be done at home with a few tools or by any workshop.


Kit Includes

  • Gas Struts
  • Ball Studs
  • Brackets
  • Nutserts
  • Associated fittings
  • Downloadable Instructions
  • Optional – bracket for clearance to a dual battery tray


To Suit – Toyota LandCruiser

  • VDJ76
  • VDJ78
  • VDJ79



  • Check clearance along guards. Aftermarket accessories or secondary battery bracket can foul on struts when the bonnet is closed if they run along the guards.
  • We offer an optional bracket for a dual battery tray that allows clearancefor the bonnet struts. Refer to MFC41023
  • The bracket is slotted to allow for fitment to different styles of trays.
  • Although we have not encountered any dual battery trays that do not suit the bracket, we cannot guarantee this bracket will suit your specific application.
  • You will need access to an M6 nutsert/rivnut tool for installation.

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    MFK41025 & 41030 Instructions

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