Transfer Case Adaptor – 4L80E to Rover / Discovery / Defender LT230


Rover engine conversion using the 4L80E automatic transmission

To suit: LT230 transfer case

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4L80E – LT230

The 4L80-E is a 4-speed overdrive transmission. They are fitted behind the current Chevy V8 petrol and diesel EFI engines. The gears are shifted electronically by the engine management computer. After market computers are available in the USA that enable the transmission to be used behind early carburetor engines. The ECM requires a speed sensor to enable smooth gear changes at various speeds. Marks 4WD Adaptors manufacture a speed sensor kit that bolts to the rear of the transfer case in place of the tin hat. The speed sensor is an inductive type and directly reads the main output shaft speed.

The 4L80-E has the following gear ratios: 1st=2.48:1, 2nd=1.48:1, 3rd=1.00:1, 4th=.75:1

The kit is designed to use a GM transmission from a 4WD vehicle, the shaft stick out length is 79 MM/3.1″. However, the 2WD version can be used with modification to the 4L80-E output shaft and removal of steel sleeve pressed onto the output shaft is also required.

The 4L80-E has an overall case length of 670 mm/26.375″, when coupled to the 209 mm/8.22″ long adaptor housings giving you an overall transmission length of 879 mm/34.595″. In most installations, the transfer case will need to be relocated. The new adaptor housing has provision for the hi-low lever to be mounted to the top using the standard linkages and lever from the original vehicle. NOTE: The housing is drilled and tapped to accept the hi-low lever bracket, from either the 3-speed torque flite or 4-speed ZF transmission. The housing also has a drilled and tapped pad on the left side to enable easy mounting into the vehicle. NOTE: The housing is drilled and tapped to accept the transmission-mounting bracket, from either the 3-speed torque flite or 4-speed ZF transmission.

The new coupler shaft supplied in the kit fits over the 4L80-E, 32T main out put shaft and into the transfer case, input gear. The new shaft is retained in the transfer case using a new bolt and special washer supplied in the kit.

Engine mounts are available to suit Chevy and Holden V8 engines. The mounts have been designed to bolt to the side of the engine and then fit directly to the Range Rover V8 pre 1996/ Land Rover V8 pre 1999V8 engine mount rubber and chassis mount. The original chassis mounts do not require relocation. The engine mounts have been designed to give sufficient legal sump to differential clearance when using a standard GM rear drop sump.

Kit contains:

  • Two adaptor housing
  • Coupler shaft
  • Seals
  • Bolts
  • Instructions

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