Transfer Case Adaptor – 4L80E to LandCruiser 70, 80 Series (HF1A Case)

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Toyota LandCruiser V8 engine conversion using the 4L80E automatic transmission

To suit:

  • 80 Series LandCruiser
    part-time 4WD HF1A transfer case
  • 70 Series LandCruiser
    part-time 4WD HF1A transfer case with 23 spline input


SKU: MFK1195-1A80E
Brands: Marks 4WD
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Suits LandCruiser 70 & 80 series part time 4WD HF1A transfer case


The kit is designed to use a GM transmission from a 4WD vehicle. However, the 2WD version can be used with modification to the output shaft and the coupling shaft supplied in the kit.

NOTE: The 2WD transmission comes with two versions of output shafts, only one of these is suitable for the conversion.

This is a photo of a suitable 2WD version, note the spline length.

The automatic transmission main output shaft drives the transfer case through the new coupler shaft supplied in the kit. The adaptor housing is machined to accept the 80/100 series HF2A transmission mounting rubber.

When using a 4L80E to replace a 4-speed Toyota automatic the cross member mounting holes will need slotting/modificed to allow the transfer case to move rearward slightly. This crossmember modification may or may not be required and the tailshafts may also need to be adjusted depending on the engine being fitted.

When using a 4L80E to replace a 5-speed Toyota manual gearbox the transfer case will need to be moved rearward requiring the crossmember to be modified. The tailshafts will also need to be adjusted.

The hi-low 4WD-lever housing is simply bolted to the top of the new adaptor housing.

The automatic transmission main output shaft is retained therefore the transmission will not require dis-assembly.

The 4L80E has an overall case length of 661 mm/26″. The adaptor housing is 133 mm/5.24″ long and when coupled to the 4L80E (661 mm/26″ long) the overall length measures 794 mm/31.26″.

Kit contains:

  • 2 Adaptor housings
  • Transfer case input shaft
  • Seal
  • Bolts
  • Instructions

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