Engine mounts bolt in Chev V8 diesel - Landcruiser FZJ HZJ - MFK1411

Engine Mount Kit - Chev V8 Diesel to FZJ/HZJ LandCruiser - Bolt In

Engine mount rubbers Toyota Hilux 4 cylinder

Engine mount rubbers Toyota Hilux 4 cylinder

Engine mounts Commodore V6 - Hilux 22R & diesel LFS

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Engine mounts Commodore V6 to HILUX 18R, 22R & diesel LFS

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Kit contains:
  • Left hand chassis bracket
  • Right hand engine block bracket

On the left hand side of the vehicle.

The chassis bracket is replaced with one supplied in the kit, this bracket utilises the standard GM mounting rubber and engine bracket. This design allows the use of the standard GM air conditioning compressor if required. NOTE: The new chassis bracket must be welded to the chassis.


On the right hand side of the vehicle.

The right hand engine mounting bracket bolts to the Commodore V6 engine block and fits directly onto the mounting rubber and chassis post found in all Hilux/4-Runner 18R, 22R petrol and diesel 4-cylinder models.

NOTE 1: You will need to reuse the original Toyota engine mount rubber on the right side and the Commodore mounting rubber on the left side.

NOTE 2: You will need to move remove the original chassis post on the left hand chassis rail.