Transfer Case Adaptor – 4L60E 6-bolt to Patrol GQ 4.2L / GU 3.0L, 4.2L, 4.5L, 4.8L (Heavy Duty 4L60E)

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Heavy Duty 4L60E 6 bolt to GQ/GU ZD30, TB/TD42, TB45, TB48 transfer case

Nissan Patrol engine conversion using the 4L60e 6 bolt automatic transmission

To suit:

  • GQ / Y60 – 4.2L petrol transfer case
  • GQ / Y60 – 4.2L diesel transfer case
  • GU / Y61 – 4.5L & 4.8L petrol transfer case
  • GU / Y61 – 3L & 4.2L diesel transfer case
SKU: MFK1530
Brands: Marks 4WD
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Marks 4WD have developed a new heavy duty 4L60E (6 bolt rear housing) to Nissan Patrol GQ or GU transfer case adaptor. The transfer case adaptor housing replaces the automatic transmission extension housingand and then fits to the transfer case using the original Nissan bolts. The housing has mounting provision for the hi/low lever and factory Nissan Patrol cross-member rubbers.

This new heavy duty kit is supplied with a new transfer case input gear that accepts the factory 4L60E output shaft. This new gear will require bearings to be swapped over from the existing factory input gear. Alternatively you could put new bearings and seals in your transfer case with a rebuild kit. GQ TKN6 or GU TKN8

The 4L60E output shaft needs to be cut down and the end chamfered, this can be done with the shaft still fitted in the gearbox.

This kit has been designed to keep the transfer case and cross member in the factory location which means the front and rear tail shafts do not need to be modified – model dependent

Note: This is dependent on the fact that the engine and gearbox are being changed together to ensure the engine mounts are in the correct location.

Note: If you have the transmission from an all-wheel drive or 4wd transmission you will need to fit a 2wd output shaft

The TH700R-4 & 4L60E has an overall case length of 594mm and when coupled up to our 155mm adaptor housing, this gives you an overall transmission length of 749mm. This is the same length as a factory Patrol manual transmission with one of our MFG1905 bell housings. This has been designed to make the conversion from manual to automatic (or vice versa) as easy as possible.

Kit contains:

Part No. MFK1530

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