Transfer Case Adaptor – 4L60E to Hilux V6 5-Speed, 26T Input Spline (Chain Driven Case)

AUD$1,370.00 (Excl. Tax AUD$1,245.45)

Toyota Hilux V6 engine conversion to suit 4L60E automatic transmission

To suit:

  • Toyota Hilux 5-speed chain driven transfer case

Shaft Deposit (See description below) + $220.00 ex tax $200.00

Brands: Marks 4WD
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Suits Toyota Hilux 5 Speed 26T Chain Driven Transfer Case


The transfer case adaptor housing replaces the automatic transmission extension housing. The adaptor housing then fits to the transfer case using the original Toyota bolts.

The housing has mounting provision for the Hilux/4-Runner hi/low lever.

The automatic transmission will need to be disassembled. The main output shaft is removed and replaced with one supplied in the adaptor kit. This output shaft has a new spline to connect to the Hilux/4-Runner coupling sleeve found on the main shaft of the 5-speed gearbox. Our kit that replaces the Hilux 4-speed gearbox is supplied with a new coupler sleeve.

NOTE: The modified main output shaft is sold on a change over basis. If the shaft is not supplied with the original order a deposit of $220.00 will be charged. Change over shafts with a short spline on the front or shafts that are pitted, rusted or heat damaged will not be accepted. The deposit will be refunded when a suitable shaft is received at our factory. All postage or freight charges are the responsibility of the sender.

The hi-low 4WD-lever housing is simply bolted to the top of the new adaptor housing and emerges through the original hole in the transmission tunnel.

TH700 & 4L60E

The 700R-4 is a GM 4-speed overdrive automatic transmission that was first introduced in the US in 1982. Unfortunately the transmission developed a bad reputation, as early models were prone to failures. GM redesigned the 700R-4 in 1985 and a larger sprag was introduced in 1987.

The 700R-4 was available in two different case variations. The standard GM V8 version will bolt directly to the Chevy V8 petrol, Chevy V8 diesel and Turbo pattern Holden 308 engines. If you intend using a 253 Holden V8 or a Trimatic pattern 308 you would need to adapt the automatic transmission to the engine with an adaptor plate, they are generally available from any speed shop.

The V6 commodore was also fitted with the 700R-4 transmission. The V6 transmission has a different bolt pattern to the V8 version and therefore, will only bolt to a Commodore V6 engine. The 700R-4 is an excellent choice as an automatic transmission in a 4WD vehicle as it features a low 1st gear, lower than any other GM auto, and an overdrive top gear, ideal for highway cruising.

The 700R-4 has an overall case length of 594 mm and when coupled up to our 155mm adaptor housing gives you an overall transmission length of 749 mm. The 700R-4 has the following gear ratios: (1st 3.06:1), (2nd 1.62:1), (3rd 1:1), (4th 0.70:1).

The later model automatic transmission fitted to GM vehicles is known as a 4L60E and has the same gear ratios as the TH700. The transmission is electronically controlled by the engine management system. The 4L60E has 2 different rear housing bolt patterns, 4 and 6 bolt, the 6 bolt housings started in the VT Commodore.

Kit contains:

  • Adaptor housing
  • Change over main output shaft
  • Reluctor ring
  • Breather
  • Seal
  • Bolts
  • Instructions

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