Engine Mount - LS V8 to GQ/GU Patrol

Engine Mount - LS V8 to GQ/GU Patrol

Heavy Duty Chassis Posts to suit Hilux

Heavy Duty Chassis Posts to suit Hilux

Engine Mount Kit - LS Series V8 to LandCruiser 80 & 105 Series

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LS Series V8 engine mount kit to suit Toyota Landcruiser 80 & 105 series

SEE NOTE: When fitting to FJ80

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The engine mounting kit to suit the 80 series & 105 series LandCruisers consist of new engine block brackets which bolt to the original style Toyota engine mount rubbers and up to the factory Toyota chassis brackets. The drivers side post will require some modification on most models to allow the A/C compressor to fit.

When using a factory Toyota transmission, the transmission and transfer case are moved forward 20-25mm to help reduce the amount of modifying required to gain enough clearance between the right hand rear coil pack and the firewall. A tail shaft spacer kit is supplied in the engine adaptor kits to save you needing to modify tail shafts.

Please see below the modification to the factory Toyota right hand side chassis post.


The engine mountings are designed to offset the engine toward the left hand side of the vehicle to allow enough room to fit the A/C compressor.

When mounting a Commodore LS V8 engine the alternator and A/C compressor will need to be relocated with one or more of our relocation kits. This is due interference with the chassis when the accessories are fitted to the factory mounting brackets.

Kit Contains:

  • Left & right engine mount brackets (MFC1765R & MFC1765L)
  • Engine mounting rubbers
  • All nuts, bolts & washers

NOTE: If fitting the LS series engine to an FJ80 and using this kit you will need to get chassis posts from an 80 or 105 series fitted with the 4.5L or 4.2L engines and fit them to your vehicle. Your original chassis posts will need to be removed.

NOTE: In left hand drive (LHD) vehicles you may have clearance issues requiring you to move the power steering pump

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