Radiator & Heater Hose Kit LS Series V8 to 80 series LandCruiser (Electric fans)

Radiator & Heater Hose Kit - LS Series V8 to LandCruiser 80 Series

ZD30 Radiator to 4.8 / 4.2 Patrol Kit

Radiator Mount - ZD30 Radiator to Patrol GU 4.2L / 4.8L Vehicles

Water Pump Kit - LS2 Pump to LS1 Series V8 Engines


LS2 Waterpump Kit to suit LS1 Engines

$785.00 $713.64

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The LS1 water pump has a long bell shape pulley and leaves no room in front of the engine to fit a cooling fan in the short Hilux engine bay. To overcome the problem we fit a shorter LS2 water pump.

This kit includes adjuster pulley with re-machined mounting bracket and bolts. A LS2 water pump with gaskets and spacers is also supplied, the spacers move the pump forward enough to allow the LS1 crank pulley to line up with the new LS2 pump pulley.

Kit Contains:

  • Machined pulley
  • Water pump
  • Water pump spacers
  • Gaskets
  • Bolts
  • Spacers

MFK1993 Installed

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