Diff Drop Kit – IFS Hilux (pre 2005)

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Diff Drop Kit to suit Toyota Hilux IFS (pre 2005)

To Suit

  • Toyota Hilux IFS (Independent Front Suspension) (pre 2005)
SKU: MFK20540
Marks 4WD

Diff Drop Kit to suit Toyota Hilux IFS (pre 2005)

If you have or are considering lifting your pre-2005 model Toyota Hilux, 4Runner or Surf then your CV joints will be put on an increased angle leading to faster wearing of the joint, additional rubbing on the CV boots and potentially premature failure of the CV joints.

If wider tyres and wheels are also fitted this wear will be accelerated. The higher you lift an IFS vehicle the greater the CV angle and the more premature the wear. This can be avoided.

Our Marks4WD Diff Drop kit helps to correct the geometry of the front drive shaft and CV by lowering the differential by 25mm. This allows for a 2″ (50mm) suspension lift kit to be used, without affecting the CV angles and avoids premature wear of the CV joints.

The cross-member that we have designed for this kit allows the diff to be dropped by 25mm while only lowering the cross-member height by 10mm. This is achieved by using thicker material to keep strength while keeping a slim profile.

The standard bash plate can be refitted with this kit.

This kit is made by Marks 4wd in Australia from Australian steel


Kit Includes

  • Differential drop bracket
  • Nylon round spacers
  • Sway bar spacers
  • Bolts, Washers
  • Downloadable Instructions (requires login)


To Suit

  • Toyota Hilux IFS (Independent Front Suspension) (pre 2005)



  • For Toyota Surf, please make sure it has a cross-member as per the photos; if not you will need the later 2005 on style kit.

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