Wheel Bearing Kit / Heavy Duty- Toyota LandCruiser (1975-2012) & Hilux (Drum Brakes)

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Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Wheel Bearing Kit  – WBK2HP

To Suit

  • Toyota LandCruiser
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Refer below for specific models
Terrain Tamer

Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Wheel Bearing Kit – LandCruiser (1975-2012) & Hilux (Drum Brakes)

Terrain Tamer’s Heavy-Duty Wheel Bearing Kits are designed for vehicles used for heavy towing and operating in extreme conditions, from offroading to the severe conditions found in the mining industry.

The new innovative heavy-duty hub seals rotate on their own internal surface without relying on the condition of the shaft, thus eliminating wear on other components.

These seals utilise a labyrinth construction to better prevent the loss of oil and lubricating fluids and better protect against the ingress of dirt and other contaminants, making them perfectly suited to harsh, muddy and dusty conditions and ensuring both extended seal and bearing life.

Bearings are manufactured using a new forging technique with an upgraded heat treatment procedure enabling a longer service life.

The heavy-duty kit includes all required components, such as gaskets, seals and bearings, all covered by a 12-month warranty.



  • Made in Japan
  • Rockwell Hardness Rating 2.5 points higher than OE
  • Upgraded heat treatment procedure for longer service life


  • Labyrinth construction prevents oil loss
  • Rotates on the internal surface, eliminating wear on components
  • Utilises 4 sealing surfaces to protect against contaminants


Kit Includes

  • 1 x Heavy Duty Wheel Bearing Kit.



  • The kit is for 1 side only
  • When changing both left and right wheel bearings, 2 x kits are required
  • Fits vehicles with Drum Brakes only


To Suit – Toyota LandCruiser (Front or Rear)

  • BJ40, BJ42, FJ40, FJ45, HJ45, HJ47, FJ55 – (09/1975 – 11/1984)
  • FJ60, FJ62, HJ60, HJ61 (08/1980 – On)
  • BJ70, BJ73, BJ74, BJ75, FJ70, FJ73, FJ75, HJ75 – (11/1984 – 08/2012)
  • FZJ75, FZJ78, FZJ79, HZJ75, HZJ78, HZJ79, HDJ78, HDJ79 – (08/1999 – 12/2006)
  • HZJ70, HZJ73, HZJ75, PZJ70, PZJ73, PZJ75 – (01/1990 – 07/1999)
  • VDJ76, VDJ78, VDJ79 (01/2007 – 08/2012)
  • FJ80, FZJ80, HZJ80, HDJ80 (01/1990 – 12/1997)
  • FZJ105, HZJ105  (01/1998 – 2007)

Toyota Hilux

  • Solid Axle models (01/1998 – 08/1997)



  • Kit is for 1 x side only (Order 2 x kits if replacing bearings on both axles)
  • Fits vehicles with Drum Brakes only


Part No.

  • Terrain Tamer – WBK2HP

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