Speedometer & Tacho Interface (Universal) – SGI-100BT

Dakota Digital Universal Speedo Corrector & Tacho Interface – SGI-100BT

The SGI-100BT Universal Speedo & Tacho Interface is Non- Vehicle specific, allowing you to recalibrate electronic speedo signals – tacho signals via your Android or IOS phone.


Dakota Digital

AUD$220.00 (Excl. Tax AUD$200.00)


Universal Speedo & Tacho Interface – SGI-100BT

The Dakota Digital SGI-100BT Universal Speedo Corrector & Tacho Interface Unit allows you to adjust, split & recalibrate an electronic speed and tacho signal, including the ability to convert speed or gas & diesel tach signals.

As a change in tyre size – diff ratio and engine swaps will affect your speedo and tacho readings, this unit provides you with the ability to:

  • Recalibrate or convert a speed signal
  • Recalibrate or convert a gas tacho signal
  • Recalibrate or convert a diesel tacho signal
  • Recalibrate both speedo and tach signals at the same time

All set-up, calibration, and diagnostic functions are handled with the use of the built-in 3-digit display and integrated push-button switches or via an app on your Android or IOS phone.




  • Speed calibration from 25% – 400%
  • Multiple speed outputs available for multiple devices
  • Operates with Hall-effect and Inductive speed sensors
  • Tacho settings from 1-16 cylinders and 5V or 12V signal type
  • Diesel applications: outputs for 4, 6 or 8 cylinder tachs
  • Bluetooth technology for ease of programming via mobile phones
  • Built-in programming buttons and LED display for setup in lieu of app
  • Compact size 100mm x 50mm x 25mm


To Suit

  • This unit is non-vehicle specific
  • Suites vehicles with electronic speedos & tachos



  • Do Not use this unit to adjust a signal to an anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Not suitable for vehicles where the speedo is operated via a CAN bus system. eg Toyota Landcruiser 200 series & Landcruiser 70 series 08/2016 on
  • Not compatible with most ’86 to current European or ’96 to current Jeep tachometers
  • Instructions are packaged with the actual unit

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