Penrite Pro Gear 80W-140 API GL-5 Full Synthetic Gear Oil – 1 Litre


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Brands: Penrite

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Penrite Pro Gear 80W-140 API GL-5 Full Synthetic Gear Oil (1 Litre)

Pro Gear 80W-140 is a premium full synthetic, SAE 80W-140, heavy-duty gear oil that uses a special combination of synthetic base oils which include PAO and Ester, with an advanced additive system to provide ultimate performance and protection under all operating conditions. It meets the performance requirements of API GL-5/GL-6/MT-1 as well as many other manufacturers’ specifications.





  • 80W-140


Base Oil

  • Full Synthetic


Used in the following applications

  • Hypoid and Limited Slip Differentials


Can be used where the following SAE viscosities are recommended

  • SAE 140
  • 75W-140
  • 85W-140


Product Benefits

  • Ultimate protection
  • Race proven performance
  • Longer drain intervals
  • Superior protection against scoring & spalling wear
  • Compatibility with copper alloy components
  • Minimises chatter
  • Minimises inventory


Key Specifications

  • API GL-5
  • API GL-6
  • API MT-1
  • BTR
  • Dana
  • Eaton Axle Bulletin 90-104
  • Ford M2C190-A
  • GM HN 2040
  • Mack GO-J
  • MIL-L-PRF-2105E
  • Rockwell O-76-B
  • SAE J2360
  • ZF TE-ML05B
  • ZF TE-ML07A

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