Winch Extension Rope 9,500KG 20M w/Red Sheath Eyes by Saber Offroad

SaberPro® 9,500KG 20M Black Winch Extension Rope w/Red Sheath Eyes

To Suit

  • Cars, Trucks, ATVs, etc.
Saber Offroad

AUD$195.00 (Excl. Tax AUD$177.27)


SaberPro 9,500KG 20M Black Winch Extension Rope w/Red Sheath Eyes

We offer a durable winch extension that is an ideal addition to any recovery kit. This extension is 20M (65ft), making it versatile and dependable in critical situations.

Crafted with our proprietary SaberPro fibre, this rope loop is more robust and long-lasting, designed precisely for these demanding applications.


Features & Benefits

  • 20M  (65ft) Length
  • 9,500KG (21,000lbs) breaking strength
  • Built with our exclusive SaberPro™ fibre
  • Perfect addition to our selection of winch ropes
  • Red braided eyes for added safety and convenience


Kit Includes

  • 1x SaberPro® 20M Black Winch Extension Rope
  • Part No. SBR-WERS


To Suit

  • All sizes and types, including cars, trucks, ATVs, and more!

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