Transmission Control Module – TCM2800

PCS – Transmission Control Module – TCM2800

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  • TCM2800
  • Wiring Harness is an Optional item
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PCS – Transmission Control Module (TCM2800)

The Power Train Control Solutions (PCS) TCM-2800 is one of if not the most powerful after-market transmission control modules.

This transmission control unit features two calibration modes. One can be the base calibration then with the push of a button you can activate sport mode, tow-haul mode, dyno mode or even a full manual mode. Whichever you choose this Control module has independently programmable shift points, shift firmness, and torque converter lock-up for each pattern. This lets you create a nice smooth shifting pattern during normal driving conditions then with the push of a button you have a sports pattern with firm upshifts. Another unique feature of this transmission control module is its PWM outputs. They are programmable either active high or low.

This control unit will work with GM OEM transmission applications, check the application guide for more details & availability of base calibrations. The CAN interface allows seamless integration with CAN-based vehicles or ECU’s. Compatible with J1939 and other CAN standards. Harnesses are available to plug directly into GM performance LS engine control module. The CAN connection also simplifies the connection to a Paddle Shifter or GSM-2100 Gear Select Module so you can eliminate the shift lever in your car. Check the accessories page for more information on the gear shift module or paddle shifter.


Optional Wiring Harness

  • TCM4856 – 4L60 / 4L65E – 1993+ GM 4 speed auto
  • TCM4856 – 4L70E – 2006 to 2009 GM 4 speed auto
  • TCM4800 – 4L80E – 1993+ GM truck & heavy duty applications. Refer to tcm4800


Kit Includes

  • Downloadable Instructions (requires login)
  • TCM2800


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