Bendix ESPB – Electric Secondary Park Brake inc. FREE BONUS set of Brake Rotors (saving $330) LIMITED AVAILABILITY – Get in Quick

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BONUS 1 x Set BENDIX Rear Brake Rotors

To Suit – Toyota LandCruiser

  • 70 Series – FZJ, HDJ, HZJ, VDJ
  • Please note: It does not suit the JMACX coil conversion

Electric Secondary Park Brake Upgrade (ESPB) to suit – Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series by Bendix (FREE BONUS 1 x Rear Set Brake Rotors RRP $330) 

Limited Time Only! Don’t miss out on this special deal. Purchase the advanced Bendix EPSB and receive a complimentary set of Bendix Ultimate Rear Brake Rotors.


  • Free Set Bendix Ultimate Rear Brake Rotors
  • Includes 1 x Set Bendix Ultimate 4WD Rear Brake Pads (Not all electric park brake kits come with Brake Pads)


If you’ve ever tried parking your 70 series LandCruiser on a steep incline with the handbrake engaged, you would have felt the unnerving feeling of the vehicle starting to roll down the slope.

Bendix has now released an innovative solution incorporating an electric park brake (EPB) for the rear axle while retaining the mechanical hand brake adding the ESPB function as an added benefit.

The ESPB works in conjunction with the factory park brake as a backup safety solution using an electric park brake caliper, which ensures the parking brake always applies the appropriate clamping pressure, minimising any risk of vehicle roll-away.

ADR Compliance is not required for the kit as the factory OEM park brake is unaffected & remains fully compliant with the design & test requirements defined in ADR35/06.


The EPB can be configured for Auto-Activate operation, providing added safety. It can be configured to actuate automatically in a range of scenarios, such as when the driver’s door or service body door is left open.


How Does an Electric Secondary Park Brake Work?

The Bendix ESPB uses additional rear left and right single-piston disc brake calipers that act on the factory rear disc brake rotors. Working in conjunction with the factory handbrake minimises the chance of ‘rollaways’ on steep hills, a scenario that’s made worse when the vehicle is heavily loaded or towing trailers/caravans.


The Bendix Difference

  • NOT All Secondary Park Brakes are the same.
  • When comparing prices, take into consideration the Bendix Difference.
  • Bendix ESPB includes a brand new set of Rear Ultimate Brake Pads ULT-DB1200 valued at $235
  • Ultimate 4WD™ Electric Park Brake Caliper is designed and meets the IP67 waterproof requirement in GB/T 4208
  • ESPB brake pads can be easily replaced by winding back the EPB using the “Service mode” to allow for a brake pad change.


Park Brake Holding Power

Testing results showed the Electric Secondary Park Brake could hold a heavily loaded 4260kg Toyota LandCruiser on a 34-degree incline. (In conjunction with the operation of the factory park brake)



  • Apply the factory park brake
  • Activate the ESPB using the dash-mounted switch = Vehicle is now secure
  • Turning the ignition off automatically activates the ESPB.
  • It can also be hardwired at installation to allow for other auto-activation options, including auto-activation of the Electric Park Brake when the driver’s door is opened or if a door on a service body is opened.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Bolt-on fitment
  • No changes to vehicle hydraulics
  • No need for ADR compliance
  • Auto-safe engagement when the ignition is off (Prevents accidental roll away) (Depending on configuration)
  • Secure holding using two single-piston brake calipers that act on the rear disc rotors.
  • Retains factory manual park brake mechanism & operation
  • Firm and secure park brake hold even with heavy loads
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Factory-style cabin switch
  • Fitting time approx. 3hours


Kit Includes

  • 2 x  EPB (Electric Park Brake) Calipers
  • 1 x set rear Bendix Slotted Brake Rotors – BR794 (RRP $330)
  • 1 x set of DB1200 Bendix Ultimate brake pads (RRP $235)
  • Wiring Loom
  • Dashboard Switch
  • Electric Controller


To Suit – Toyota LandCruiser

  • 70 Series – FZJ, HDJ, HZJ, VDJ
  • Please note: It does not suit the JMACX coil conversion



  • Refer to the INSTRUCTIONS tab for
  • a) Fitting Instructions
  • b) Waterproof IP Rating test
  • c) ESPB Brochure


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