Bell Housing Adaptor Kit – Chev V8 Diesel to LandCruiser 4.2L (5-speed manual)

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To Suit – Toyota LandCruiser

  • 4.2L 1HZ 5-speed manual
Marks 4WD

Bell Housing Adaptor Kit – Chev V8 Diesel to Toyota LandCruiser 4.2L (5-speed manual)

This kit comprises of a flywheel housing running a steel flywheel.

The flywheel housing is supplied which measures 61 mm/2.4″ long. This housing has the GM bolt pattern on the front and the Toyota 1HZ, bolt pattern on the rear.

The new flywheel bolts to the supplied crank adaptor which mounts to the original GM Chev Diesel manual flywheel. The kit accepts the original Toyota 11″ clutch. (We recommend the heavy-duty clutch upgrade for this conversion) The flywheel is offset to the rear to place the clutch in its original position.

The originalGM Chev Diesel manual flywheel is used to start the engine as our flywheel has no ring gear.


Clutch Kits


Kit Includes

  • Flywheel housing
  • Steel flywheel
  • Steel crank adaptor
  • Dowels
  • Flywheel cover plate
  • Spigot bearing
  • Oil pressure sender adaptor
  • Water temperature sender adaptor
  • Bolts, Washers
  • Downloadable Instructions


To Suit – Toyota LandCruiser

  • 4.2L (5-speed manual)



  • You will need to reuse the original GM Chev Diesel manual flywheel from your engine.

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