Commodore V6 - Toyota G52 5-speed manual

Commodore V6 - Toyota G52 5-speed manual

Toyota Hilux R150 / R151 to G52 Adaptor Plate

Toyota Hilux R150 / R151 - G52 Adaptor Plate

Commodore V6 - Toyota R150 & R151 5-speed manual

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Commodore 3.8 V6 engine conversion to suit Toyota R150 & R151 5-speed manual gearbox:

  • 4Runner
  • Bundera
  • Hilux
  • Surf
  • Commodore VN, VP, VR, VS & VT - V6 engines

NOTE: This kit is designed for the 160mm input shaft R150F, R151F gear boxes. This kit will not suit the 190mm shaft gear boxes.

NOTE: Toyota V6 VZN130 - This kit will move the engine forward. This reduces the clearance between front of engine and radiator

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The bell housing has been designed to space the engine away from the firewall in order to clear the throttle body at the rear of the V6 engine. The original 5-speed is not moved, therefore no firewall modifications, repositioning of gearbox, or tail shaft modifications are required.

The 3.8Ltr V6 engine bolt pattern is illustrated below.


The clutch is coupled to the gearbox by a special gearbox input extension shaft. It has the GM spigot diameter with external spline on the engine end and Toyota spigot diameter with internal spline on the gearbox end. The new input shaft allows the standard V6 GM clutch pressure plate with a V8 clutch disc to be used on the V6 flywheel. The V8 clutch disc provides less clutch shudder due to the clutch plate having stronger centre springs.

The thrust bearing and extension carrier supplied in the kit slides over the gearbox nose cone and will allow the Bundera petrol or diesel 4-cylinder clutch fork to be used with the new pivot supplied in the kit. The extension carrier is also supported by the new bell housing.

When replacing the Toyota petrol engine a diesel model slave cylinder will need to be purchased.

Commodore V6 Engine Requirements

You will need to obtain the following components. The Commodore V6 engine complete with, the main engine wiring harness, the ECM computer and mem-cal. Other accessories such as the map sensor, purge canister, air cleaner and ducting, air conditioning compressor and power steering pump, engine pipes and catalytic converter, external fuel pump and damper.

If you purchase an auto engine and plan on using it with this kit we can supply a manual flywheel that is used in conjunction with the original auto flex plate. On VN and VP models the auto starter will need to be changed for the manual Delco Remy starter.

The engine should also have the driver side engine mount rubber and bracket.

Using the following engines:

  • VN engine
  • VP engine
  • VR engine
  • VS engine
  • VT engine

To suit the following vehicle models:


  • LN series - IFS & LFS
  • VZN130


  • LJ70 - turbo diesel


  • LN series - IFS & LFS


  • LN series

NOTE: This kit is designed for the 160mm input shaft R150F, R151F gear boxes. This kit will not suit the 190mm shaft gear boxes.

Kit contains:

  • Bell housing
  • Input extension shaft
  • Thrust bearing extension carrier
  • Thrust bearing
  • Clutch fork pivot
  • Flywheel cover plate
  • Oil pressure sender adaptor
  • Water temp sender adaptor
  • Bolts
  • Washers
  • Instructions
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