Diagnostic Test Light – VS (V6 / V8) Auto Engines Only

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Diagnostic Test Light for the Commodore VS (V6, V8 auto engines)

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  • Commodore VS – V6 & V8 auto engines only
Brands: Marks 4WD
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Diagnostic Test Light for VS (V6 / V8) Auto Engines Only

Once connected with the switch in the off position, this unit acts as an engine fault warning light.

When a fault is detected, the light illuminates to indicate an issue.

Switch the vehicle off and then turn the ignition back on (without the engine running)

Depressing the switch display’s the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) starting from the lowest code number.

Use either the chart provided with the instructions or refer to the GM manual for details of the code.

Kit Contains

  • Diagnostic Test Light
  • Loom Connector
  • Installation Hardware
  • Instructions

To Suit

  • Commodore VS (V6 / V8 Auto Engines Only)

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