Bell Housing Adaptor Kit – Chev V8 Diesel to Patrol GU – ZD30 (Auto)

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Bell Housing Adaptor kit to suit GU ZD30 Nissan Patrol engine conversion fitted with the facrtory automatic transmission.

To Suit

  • Nissan Patrol GU (Y61) ZD30, 3.0L diesel automatic transmission
Marks 4WD

Bell Housing Adaptor Kit to suit Chev V8 Diesel to Nissan Patrol GU ZD30 (Automatic Transmission)

The kit consists of an adaptor housing which couples the new engine to the original diesel bell housing. The new adaptor housing measures 72 mm in length and spaces the Chevy engine away from the irregular shape of the Nissan Patrol firewall. No firewall modifications or re positioning of the original transmission is required.

The automatic transmission is retained in its original location along with the original torque converter and flex-plate. A specially machined crankshaft adaptor supplied with the kit bolts to the rear of the GM engine and flywheel. The adaptor converts the rear crankshaft bolt pattern from GM dimensions to standard Nissan 6 bolt crank dimensions allowing the Nissan flex-plate and torque converter to be connected to the engine.

A standard GM flywheel is needed for the conversion. The GM automatic flex-plate is not used as the ring gear can be pushed away from the starter pinion while cranking.

An adaptor housing cover plate, which protects the bottom of the automatic transmission from water and dust entry, as well as all the required bolts, nuts and washers are also supplied with the kit.

An oil pressure sender adaptor is supplied in the kit. The adaptor allows the original Nissan sender to be fitted to the Chevy diesel engine.

A water temperature adaptor is also supplied in the kit. This adaptor allows the original Nissan Temperature gauge sender to be fitted to the Chevy diesel engine.

Kit Includes

  • Adaptor flywheel housing
  • Crank adaptor boss
  • Adaptor housing cover plate
  • Oil pressure sender adaptor
  • Water temp sender adaptor
  • Bump stop extension
  • Bolts, Washers
  • Downloadable Instructions (requires login)


To Suit

  • Nissan Patrol GU (Y61) ZD30, 3.0L diesel automatic transmission



  • The factory auto transmission will require a stand-alone computer to control the shifting of the transmission once the original engine and ECU are removed.
  • The kit directly replaces the ZD30 diesel engine and the TD42 non-turbo engine.
  • The TD42 factory turbo diesel (Grey import only) engine has a different crankshaft bolt pattern.

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