LS Series V8 to Nissan Patrol ZD30 Manual


LS Series V8 to Nissan Patrol Manual LHD

LS Series V8 to Nissan Patrol Manual


Nissan Patrol engine conversion using the LS1 / LS2 / LS3 V8 engine

To suit:

  • GQ / Y60 - 4.2L petrol and diesel manual
  • GU / Y61 - 4.2L, 4.5L & 4.8L manual
$3,650.00 $3,318.18

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This is our newly designed full replacement bell housing conversion setup for fitting LS series V8 engines into a GU or GQ Nissan Patrol. This custom made bell housing is engineered and manufactured exclusively by Mark's 4WD Adaptors.

The bell housing kit consists of a full replacement bell housing which couples the engine to the original 5 speed manual transmission (RB30 and RD28 powered vehicles will need to fit the larger TB / TD / ZD gearbox). The bell housing spaces the new engine away from the irregular shape of the Nissan Patrol firewall. No firewall modifications or re-positioning of the transfer case is required. The bell housing is designed to allow the right hand exhaust to cross under and give as much clearance as possible.

We supply an input shaft extension which fits over the original Nissan gearbox input shaft - this shaft allows us to change to the 26 tooth GM spline allowing us to use a GM style clutch which has a much higher clamping ability compared to the Nissan clutch.

The heavy duty billet flywheel has been designed for 4wd applications. It is 10mm thicker than the factory LS flywheel which is prone to cracking. The greater weight also helps the engine maintain momentum at low revs when 4WDing. The clutch is a heavy duty Exedy cover and organic plate with a massive 1250kg of clamp load - this clutch will suit all N/A (naturally aspirated) engines. The kit includes a new clutch master cylinder and self adjusting concentric slave cylinder which is matched perfectly to the clutch. Once the bell housing / clutch / flywheel setup is installed, you will have a very smooth and even feeling clutch, but with loads of clamping pressure to handle all N/A engines.

The engine mount rubbers in this kit are a brand new item which has been designed and manufactured in Australia specifically for this engine conversion. The factory chassis posts require careful removal and the new posts welded and then painted. The block brackets will bolt up to the block and the new engine mounts will fit up to these and the newly welded in chassis posts. All the required nuts, bolts and washers are supplied.

The LS engine accessories (alternator & air conditioning) will require modification due to the position of the Patrol chassis rails. We can supply these modified accessory mounts for both LS1 (VT-VZ) and late LS2 (VE-VF) style accessories. (see products below)

Note: Vehicles must run a vacuum clutch booster to fit the master cylinder supplied in this kit

Part Number: MFP1905

This kit includes the following parts:

  • Full replacement bell housing - pre-assembled with internal concentric slave cylinder
  • Input shaft extension
  • Spigot bearing
  • Cover plate
  • Genuine Nissan gearbox input shaft seal
  • Oil pressure and water temp sender adaptors
  • Heavy duty billet steel flywheel
  • Heavy duty Exedy clutch kit - 1250kg clamp load 
  • Clutch master cylinder and braided clutch line
  • ARP flywheel crank bolts
  • Alignment tool
  • Fixing hardware
  • Heavy duty Australian Made engine mounts
  • Weld in chassis posts
  • Nuts, bolts & washers
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