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Chev V8 petrol (late) - Rover ZF 4-speed auto

Part Number: MFP410LA

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Quick Overview

Conversion from a Rover V8 to a Chev V8 engine, to suit:

  • County - ZF 4-speed automatic transmission
  • Defender - ZF 4-speed automatic transmission
  • Discovery - ZF 4-speed automatic transmission
  • Range Rover - ZF 4-speed automatic transmission


This kit is made to suit vehicles fitted with the Rover alloy V8 engine with a ZF 4 speed auto and includes the following:

  • 3.5L
  • 3.9L
  • As the original GM flywheel and starter motor are used for the conversion. The bell housing will need to be modified to allow the starter motor nose to clear.
  • The front coil springs on the Range Rover / Land Rover will need to be upgraded as the cast iron GM engines are heavier than the alloy Rover V8 engine.

The bell housing adaptor kit consists of an adaptor plate that bolts to the rear of the engine. The standard Range Rover / Land Rover V8 bell housing then bolts to the rear of the adaptor plate. The transmission does not need repositioning for this conversion as the GM V8 engine has similar external dimensions as the Range Rover / Land Rover V8 engine. The adaptor plates are 17mm thick.

The Land Rover torque converter is coupled to the flywheel via a crankshaft adaptor. The adaptor has the Rover flex plate bolt pattern and spigot diameter on the transmission end with the GM crankshaft bolt pattern and spigot diameter on the engine end. This allows the Rover flex plate and torque converter to be bolted to the rear of the crankshaft adaptor, same as the old Rover V8 engine.

On the front of the crankshaft adaptor a GM 153 tooth flywheel is used instead of a flex plate as there is no provision to support a flex plate when the starter motor is engaging.

Engine Mounts

This kit comes with engine mounts. The engine mounts have been designed to bolt to the side of the GM engine and then bolt directly to the original Range Rover V8 pre 1996/ Land Rover V8 pre 1999 engine mount rubber and chassis mount. The original chassis mounts do not require relocation.

The engine mounts have been designed to give you sufficient legal sump to differential clearance when used with a standard GM rear drop sump.


    • Late model 4.0L and 4.6L Range Rovers from 1996-2000 with the Borg Warner transfer case have a different flex plate bolt pattern and torque converter, they need to be replaced with one from an earlier model fitted with the LT230 transfer case, this will enable the use of our kit.
    • Range Rovers fitted with the Borg-Warner viscous transfer case built between 1989-94 also have a different flex plate, torque converter set-up and will not fit our adaptor kit, you will need to purchase a flex plate and torque converter from a vehicle fitted with the LT230 transfer case.
    • It will not suit the 4.0L & 4.6L BMW engine and later.


Kit contains:

  • Top adaptor plate
  • Lower adaptor plate
  • Flywheel cover plate
  • Crankshaft adaptor
  • Left & right engine mount brackets
  • Nuts bolts & washers
  • Instructions

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