Chev V8 168T early to LandCruiser 4.5L 5-speed manual

Chev V8 168T early to LandCruiser 4.5L 5-speed manual

Chev V6 & V8 - Toyota G52 5-speed manual

Chev V6 & V8 - Toyota G52 5-speed manual

Chev V8 168T late to LandCruiser 4.2L 5-speed manual


Toyota LandCruiser engine conversion using Chev V8 late (post 1986) - 168T steel flywheel

To suit:

  • 4.2L 1HZ 5-speed manual
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Bell Housing Adaptor Kit

The flywheel housing is supplied which measures 61mm/2.4" long. This housing has the GM bolt pattern on the front and the Toyota 1HZ, bolt pattern on the rear.

The new flywheel supplied in the kit accepts the original Toyota 11" clutch. The flywheel is offset to the rear to place the clutch in its original position. The flywheel has no ring gear and must be used with the original GM flex plate and ring gear. Spacers and bolts are supplied to fix the flex plate to the flex-plate stiffner.

When ordering a Chevy kit you must make sure that the GM starter motor you intend using is the correct type. Chevy V8 engines were released with two flywheel and flex plate sizes; they where fitted with a 153 tooth ring gear or 168 tooth ring gear, as a result two starter motor offsets are available.

The kit will only suit the 168-tooth ring gear.

It will also be necessary to identify the year of the engine, after 1986 the engine crankshaft bolt pattern changed. The bolt pattern is smaller as is the spigot, which locates the flywheel on the crankshaft (52.4-mm). The post 1986 Chevy small block engines are also externally balanced. One way to identify a late model Chevy engine is by the one-piece external, rear main oil seal.

Clutch kits:

NOTE 1: This kit will only suit the late Chev V8 (post 1986)

NOTE 2: You will need to reuse the original 168T GM auto flex plate from your engine.

Kit contains:

  • Adaptor housing
  • Crank adaptor
  • Flex-plate stiffener
  • Steel flywheel
  • Flywheel cover plate
  • Spigot bearing
  • Oil pressure sender adaptor
  • Water temperature sender adaptor
  • Dowels
  • Bolts
  • Washers
  • Instructions
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