Transfer Case Adaptor Kit – LS V8 and 6L80E to LandCruiser FJ80 Series Auto (HF2A Case)

Toyota LandCruiser LS2 or LS3 V8 engine conversion using the 6L80E automatic transmission

To Suit

  • Toyota LandCruiser FJ80 series
  • HZJ80, HDJ80, FZJ80 in other markets
  • Full-time 4WD HF2A 4-speed auto transfer case
Brands: Marks 4WD
Marks 4WD

AUD$2,495.00 (Excl. Tax AUD$2,268.18)


Transfer Case Adaptor Kit to fit the LS2/3 V8 Engine and 6L80E 6 Speed Automatic Transmission to the Toyota LandCruiser FJ80  Auto Vehicle (HF2A Case)

Our Marks4Wd transfer case adaptor kit is designed to fit the LS2 or LS3 V8 Engine and 6L80E automatic transmission to the FJ80 series Toyota LandCruiser, replacing the factory 4-speed automatic transmission.

This kit is designed to replace the Toyota 3F engine and 4-speed automatic transmission. The transfer case remains in the factory position, no alterations to tail shafts are required.

Refitting the 4WD lever housing requires bolting it to the new adaptor housing. Note: Some overseas models may require an interface plate to change the bolt pattern.


6L90E Compatibility

This kit can also fit into the FJ80 series using the 6L90E transmission from the 6.2 LSA engine (32-teeth output shaft).

When using the 6L90E transmission, modifications will be required to the tail shaft length, transmission mounts and shifter mount, as the overall length of the 6L90E is 35mm longer than a 6L80E auto. (6L80E has an overall case length of 590mm/23.23″ without the extension housing.)

Important > Suitable ONLY for the 32T output shaft 6L90E.


Kit Includes


To Suit

  • Toyota LandCruiser FJ80 series
  • Can also be used in the HZJ80, HDJ80 and, FZJ80 models if requiring new chassis mounts, change in engine position or international markets
  • Full-time 4WD HF2A 4-speed auto transfer case



  • Welding is required
  • Left-hand drive (LHD) vehicles may have clearance issues requiring relocation of the power steering pump to clear the steering box.
  • The auto transmission does not require disassembly as the output shaft is not changed.
  • All of the engine mounting, cooling, engine sump, headers etc., used to fit the LS2 into a Toyota LandCruiser with our MFK1060G3 or MFK1045G3 kits can be used with this transmission.

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